Daily Blog 2/22/19 – The Best Unexpected Gift

Describe an unexpected gift. One that didn’t come in a brightly-wrapped package.

When I saw this question and gave it as an option when listing the blogs I might write to Nova, she blurted out “Jovie”, the name of her 9-year old sister.  The funny thing is when I had marked that prompt as one I wanted to write about in my blog, that’s exactly the answer I had in my head for it.

I have 5 kids, as you can tell by the URL to my blog. Nova is my oldest, followed by October, Madden, Jovie, and Carolina…in that order.  Jovie was the only one out of the five that was unexpected, not planned and she also happened to be conceived during a time in my marriage that wasn’t so great.

I will admit that when she was first conceived and when we first found out I was pregnant with her, I was not happy about it, in fact it was the start of my severe depression.  However, the first time I heard her heart beat, I was in love and never looked back.

Jovie’s full name is Jovie Patricia Dorene.  Jovie was obviously taken from the character in the movie Elf, but it also means “joyful”, and her paternal grandmother’s name is Joy.  Patricia is my mother’s middle name and Dorene is the middle name of an aunt that passed away while I was pregnant with Jovie.

The great thing about Jovie’s name meaning “joyful”, is that it suits her incredibly well.  She is quite literally one of the most joyful people I have ever met, and the kindest.  When anyone meets her, they immediately fall in love.  My dad specifically describes her in this way: “If someone doesn’t have a friend, they will when they meet Jovie.”  She really is just the kindest soul.  She’s also my free spirit child, the one who isn’t scared to be herself and dress the way she wants to or get a haircut that isn’t your average style for a girl her age.

Sometimes I will say that she truly saved my life because if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have gotten the help for my depression when it first happened.  As a baby, I called her my little bird because she always made the little baby bird face when she was hungry.  And to this day she exudes every bit of that nickname.  She is tiny and eats like a bird.

I love all of my kids equally, but they all have certain things about them that make them special.  Jovie’s is her giving heart.  She is very rarely selfish or angry.  She once even made a present for Santa Clause…the epitome of gift givers.  When it’s the end of the year, she makes a present for each kid in her class because she’ll miss them.

But I am truly the lucky one, because she IS my gift.  I have her and she is the sweetest and best unexpected gift I have ever received.


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