Daily Blog 02/20/2019

So I’ve decided that I was going to start writing a blog every day.  I usually only write when I am feeling passionately about something.  I’ve always wanted to get paid for my writing, but I know that as far as blogging goes, I would need to do it more often than I have been.  So as a way to start blogging more often, I’ve chosen to do a blog once a day with a prompt from one of the books containing writing prompts about myself or the things in my life.  So I will be starting today, first with writing the prompt I’ve chosen for today’s blog.


What piece of jewelry do you wear most often? Write about why it’s your go-to piece of jewelry. Where did you get it? What do you like about the way it looks on you? Why does it feel good to wear?


I have several pieces of jewelry that I wear every single day.  I have a necklace that I always wear that holds several rings and charms. The original necklace was one I had always wanted of my mother’s. It was just a simple gold chain with a charm of the letter “C”. My mother’s name was Carol and mine is Cassie, so when I needed a necklace to hold the other rings, I made sure to ask my dad for this necklace specifically. My reason for wanting the necklace in the first place was because when my mom had passed away, I was given her engagement and wedding rings. I wore them on my pinky because my mom’s fingers had been so slender that my pinky was the only finger that they fit on.  I knew that I wanted to wear them every day.  They gave me a reminder that true love really did existed and that my mom would always be with me.  At one point, I had even lost the wedding ring, finding it in the depths of the couch a day later.  I knew then that I had to wear it in a different, safer way.

So as I said, I specifically asked my dad for this necklace because I knew that it was one that had meaning as far as my mom, but also because my name happens to start with the same letter as hers.  Now after putting those rings on it, I also had some other rings that I put there to keep safe.  I put my wedding ring there along with the mother’s ring that John had gotten me as a present one Mother’s day with the birthstones of all of my children.

As my dad went through my mother’s jewelry to give to each of me and my two sisters, I had also had my eye on an opal ring that I had always loved growing up.  The opal ring was just so pretty and I remember every time that I had a dance to go to, my mom would ask if I wanted to wear any of her jewelry and I always chose this particular ring.  I didn’t know at the time that my dad had made the setting of the ring and put the stone in it for my mother.  So it meant even more than just any old ring.

At one point the necklace also held a heart-shaped locket with a picture my mother and I. Now it only holds the half without the picture because unfortunately I lost the other half.

My other necklace is one with charms I received from my Supernatural subscription box. The charms are a piece of pie, a dagger, and the anti-possession symbol that Sam and Dean have on their chest, (I also happen to have it as well.) If you know anything about the show, you’ll understand the significance of the charms.  Dean is a lover of all things pie.  And the dagger is a knife that kills demons, and was specifically used by the demon Ruby.

Now aside from the nerdy shit, I also wear a purple bracelet that reads “MT” and “NEVER SAY DIE” surrounded by two skull and crossbones. Obviously, MT stands for Marianas Trench, the band that has, in many ways, changed my life and the motto taken from the movie The Goonies. I’ve had many of these bracelets throughout the time of being a Marianas Trench fan but the message stated on this one just seems to mean a lot more.  After all the suicide attempts, or times that I had thought I wanted to die, “Never say die” is something I need to constantly remind myself of.

Lastly, a simple sparkly teal rubber bracelet that was given to me by my 9-year old daughter Jovie. Jovie is one of the kindest souls I have ever met in my life.  She has given me MANY things because that is just what she does, but this is just a small reminder of her giving nature. If everyone in the world could be just a little bit like Jovie, there would be peace.

Jewelry was never something that held any kind of importance to me growing up, other than just looking pretty.  But as an adult, I realized that I could use it as a way to keep the people and things that I love close to me at all times.

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