“Do you believe in God?” Written on the bullet…And Cassie pulled the trigger

I’ve never talked about this in this way, but I feel it’s a good place and time to. The gun argument is the hot topic at the moment. I’m going to share my experience with guns and explain why I think they need to be regulated better.
Anyone who has read any of my other blog posts knows that I’ve struggled immensely with suicidal ideations and attempts. During this time, there was and still is a gun in my home. A gun I am not comfortable having in my home.
My soon-to-be-ex-husband is one of the many people who feel that just because you have the right to own a gun, means that you should have one. He’s also the exact opposite of the type of person who should own one. Not because he’s dangerous, but because he’s careless. The guns that he’s owned during this time have always been accessible to me. He used his right to own these guns as an excuse when the hospital called and asked him to remove them from our home because I had at that point, twice tried to take my own life. Many times, I had to physically stop myself from attempting to get it and use it for that purpose.
His right to own that gun just because he wanted to wasn’t more important than my right to feel safe in my own home. I didn’t feel protected. I have a mental illness, one I am willing to talk about and admit to having. One that should nullify my right to own or even have access to a gun.
Guns should be a privilege. It’s infuriating to me that because it’s an amendment, because it’s a right…it’s more important than my children’s safety…than MY safety.
When is the right to possess ANY material thing more important than humanity’s right to feel safe?
I want to make it clear that I don’t think we shouldn’t have a right to own guns. I think that we should have a right to own guns safely. And in doing so, regulations should be in place for the types of guns that can be owned and WHO can own them. As a person with a mental illness, I can honestly say that people with certain verified mental illnesses should not have that right. If common sense isn’t enough, then we need more.

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