I don’t usually comment on current events but…

I am not surprised at all by the new ban of transgendered people in the military. Not surprised, but still incredibly disgusted. I don’t have anyone that I am close to personally that is transgendered but I do know quite a few amazing individuals who are. The fact that we are moving backwards when it comes to rights for the LGBTQ community just shows exactly what I expected from this presidency. I don’t even normally get into politics enough to care, but I knew that when Donald Trump became president, the white man would rule.
Don’t get me wrong, I know the way the government works and I know that Donald Trump didn’t INDIVIDUALLY make this happen. But he didn’t stop it either…in fact, he seemed to quite enjoy taking part in this particular new law. Of course he would, because we’re not worrying about an election right now, because when we were, it was….

trump tweet
Please explain to me how taking away rights for them is “fighting” for them. One anecdote I like to talk about is how when my family moved to Hagerstown, MD after my father retired from the military, my sisters and I were hit by a bit of culture shock. Our military life had never taught us racism or prejudice in anyway. A person was a person who deserved equal rights no matter what race, gender, sexual orientation…blah blah blah, you know the shpiel. I took pride in knowing that that was how I was raised and that somewhere people still held those values.
Now let me clarify, I know that the majority of the military didn’t want this ban. I am not disgusted with the military in anyway. It just makes me sad that what I used to see as hope in the acceptance of humanity as a whole, just gets further and further from reality.
People are people. It doesn’t matter if a person is homeless, or middle eastern, or transgendered….they are a PERSON with feelings and personalities, and families, and people who love them. Every single person in the world deserves a chance to live free and to fight for our country if that’s what they choose to do. And when I say deserves a chance, I obviously mean that if you are a criminal or have done something awful that would bar you from joining the military, you’ve lost your chance.
I try to teach my kids this…respect everyone until they give you a a reason not to. You don’t know anyone’s story until they tell it to you…and everyone deserves a chance to tell it. My kids have been lucky in that they haven’t had to deal with any kind of prejudices yet. However, they know that no matter what is going on in the world as far as what rights people do and don’t have, in this house, they are free to be who they want to be and I will always fight for them to be themselves no matter what decisions they make later in life about sexual orientation or even gender. It isn’t up to me to decide what others should and shouldn’t be able to do.
People please…just for the love of everything that is wonderful, love each other.

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