Who is your hero? 

Today is a day we celebrate mothers. Being a mother is basically my entire life and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. All I ever wanted to be was a mom. When I was a kid, other than my brief phase of believing I had any kind of singing voice, I never had any dreams of becoming a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher. In my head, the biggest heroes were moms, particularly mine. 
I always tell this little anecdote when I try to explain how close I’ve always been to my mother. In the fifth grade, at the very beginning of the year, our teacher gave us a little questionnaire to get to know us. It featured questions like favorite color, favorite food, etc. At the end of the year, we were given the same questionnaire and then shown the first one to see how much we had changed in just a year. I remember the only answer that stayed the same was to the question “Who is your hero?” And obviously the answer was my mom.

The funniest part about that is even though she was the ultimate hero to me, until she was gone, I really didn’t know how amazing she truly was. I’d really assumed that all of the special things she did for us were just things all moms did. I was wrong. That’s not to say that no other moms did, but as I grew older, the more I realized quite how rare it was.

My mom went out of her way to make sure my sisters and I knew that she loved us in actions even though she said it constantly with words. I could never fully express the amount of effort my mom put into molding me and proving that no matter what you go through in life, love always wins.

I wish I could say that as a family, we were making you proud Momma, but I know that you can see just how much we all miss and love you. Not just today but every day.

Happy Mother’s Day Momma!

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