Why They Mean So Much

I wrote this several months ago but it is still relevant now. This is a letter to Marianas Trench explaining what they’ve done for me.

I was in my car two days ago listening to your album Astoria and other than the song playing, all I could hear was a small chorus of voices singing along to every word. Those voices were 4 of my 5 children. It has had me thinking how much I appreciate having you guys in my life. I smiled and said nothing, took a few videos to document it and kept driving. I’m sure that you get thousands of letters like these, each one explaining similar situations about how you saved their life. I can’t say this letter will be any different other than because it is my own. I want to start by saying that several times listening to your music has quite literally saved me from doing something that would hurt myself, but ultimately the people I love.

Three years ago, my family was hit with the worst news we could have possibly received. My mother was diagnosed with cancer. I spent the next year and a half grieving before she was gone. I did anything I could think to numb the pain, to make myself able to function for my children. A year and a half later, she was gone…and I almost went with her. I won’t go into detail about what happened because that isn’t the point. The point is that I’m here and while the majority of the reason is my children, the rest is because my coping mechanism was to listen to you.
Your music is now present in most facets of my life. From the signed poster hanging on my living room wall when I saw you with Simple Plan and got out o
the front row to meet a band I’d never heard, to the dog I named Acadia, to my fifth child Carolina Astoria who saved my life a second time after some bad decision making. Okay so I’m 30 and this may seem like an obsession, the point is really that you have done so much positive in my life that when faced with a life-changing situation, one of the first things that comes to mind is you. This year, after speaking with me on twitter, you changed the age limit on several concerts and enabled me to bring my children to see you in Lancaster, PA. This after being so nice to my now 12-year old the last time she had seen you in Baltimore. Josh going so far as to ask her name to make her feel comfortable. When we finally got the chance to see you in Lancaster, PA, I not only had her but my 9-year old who was seeing you for the first time. I had dressed them head-to-toe in 80s garb thinking it would just be a fun addition to our day. However, that decision was one of the best I could have made. When you met my girls, you loved their outfits so much that you took a personal picture with them and posted it to your instagram. After the last few years, you brightened my little girls’ lives. It didn’t end there. Throughout the concert, you paid special attention to them several times, even calling my daughter up to the stage to give her a guitar pick. I can honestly say that moment for her was life-altering.
You’ve been asking people to show what they’re doing for others this Christmas, but I wanted you guys to know what YOU have been doing for my family and I’m sure many others for years. Thank you.

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