When Things Get Worse

After a loss so profound as losing a parent, not much seems like it could be worse.  That is until you receive word that one of your beautiful children, the kindest soul you’ve ever met, may have cancer.  There is no amount of words that can describe the terror that strikes your heart when you read those test results and have no way of contacting a doctor because it is a Sunday.

All you can think of is the beautiful face of the purest and most innocent child in existence going through any kind of pain.

I wish I could explain to you the kindness this little girl shows on a daily basis.  This girl makes gifts for Santa Claus.  Months in advance, she will ask what the next holiday is and proceed to make cards for every one she knows.  She made personalized gifts for everyone in her class to hand out on the last day of school.  She really is the bird that saved my life and her purity is only matched by her love of all things and people.

To lose her would be an injustice to the world.  This little girl is capable of so many great things and to lose her would be the end of me.  For my soul can only bare so much loss.  I will give my life to save hers.  I refuse to believe in anything less than a positive outcome because it is just not possible that this incredible persons life could be cut short.

Pray for her.  Pray like you’ve never prayed before and then pray for more. This little girl is capable of changing the world and has made an impact on every person she’s ever met.  She’s a gorgeous soul with so much left to give to the world.  If you haven’t had the honor of meeting her, please take the time to do so.  It really will be worth your while and you will forever be changed by her beauty and grace.

Please with whatever you have in you, lift her up in prayer and good thoughts.  I refuse to go down without a fight. My little perfect girl will get through this.

Please like or share the fundraising site.


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